Customs declaration

Online software for communicating with the Czech customs office in import, export and transit customs declaration. NET Genium CD is certified by the Customs Office of the Czech Republic!

  • Central database for all information on senders, recipients, parcels and certificates
  • Unified working environment for communication with the customs office
  • Quick and convenient searching for information
  • Available for connection to your internal systems

NET Genium CD was certified by additional certificates during Customs Office testing



  • ESD
  • Entry summary customs declaration
  • OPRI
  • Arrival notification
  • SD
  • Administrative Document
  • CP (JSD)
  • Customs declaration (Single Administrative Document)
  • Supplementing NCP
  • Supplementing cargo customs declaration
  • Statistics of message sending in CP


  • VCP
  • Export customs declaration
  • Change in depreciation
  • Investigation
  • EXSD
  • Export Administrative Document
  • Export termination
  • SO export termination
  • eCargo manifest
  • Exit of goods
  • Message sending in VCP statistics


  • TCP
  • Transit customs declaration
  • Investigation
  • Unloading goods
  • Repair SD
  • Repair of Administrative Document
  • Request for data SD
  • Request for data of Administrative Document
  • Query on existence of SD
  • Query on existence of Administrative Document
  • Statistics on message sending in TCP