Handling shipments from abroad

Thanks to the NET Genium technology used, it is possible to connect individual modules intended for communication with the Customs Office to other applications, or to supplement them with specific processes used during customs clearance of goods. A typical example can be a connection to other systems that contain information about shipments, or it is possible to transfer information about the status of customs control to other applications.

Implemented functions and modules

  • eDovoz
    • Declaring customs declarations from the import area
    • Sending a message with specific details to the customs office
    • Receiving messages from the customs office
    • Notification of the status of the declaration declaration
    • Summaries of active, incorrect and all declared declarations
  • eTranzit
    • Declaring transit declarations
    • Sending declared messages to the customs office
    • Receiving and processing incoming messages from the customs office
    • Automatic setting of the status and steps for the declarant according to communication with the customs office
    • Summaries of active, incorrect and all declarations
  • Electronic communication with the customs administration

Basic characteristics of the company

EGT Express is an international logistics company with many years of experience that operates in all EU countries, the Middle East and Asia. It offers a wide range of forwarding services with its own collection service, FTL and LTL / FCL and LCL lines connected to ensure the most efficient use of road, rail, air, sea and multimodal transport.

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Customs declaration