Česká pošta - Customs declaration

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Česká pošta - Customs declaration

Miloslav Pohunek

Operations for Post Office of Exchange Prague 120

“The NET Genium application has saved us a great deal of work and especially paperwork. We can monitor employee productivity in real time using statistical overviews.”

Clearence of shipments from abroad

Putting NET Genium into place primarily introduced a unified environment for all matters handled by the Post Office of Exchange for Prague 120. Information about packages from abroad, communicating with recipients, representing them in customs procedures, and expediting packages to the Czech Post distribution network. This application sped up customs clearance significantly and the web forms available for recipients simplified direct communication with them. It saved employees time as well as sparing them the large volume of documents that no longer need to be printed, instead being saved in electronic form.

Implemented functions and modules

  • Packages
    • Processing packages (storage, customs clearance, release for pick-up or delivery)
    • Electronic handover of documents between departments
  • Declarations
    • Electronic communication with the customs authorities
      • E-export
      • E-transit
      • E-import
    • Automatic rule checks
    • Connected to finance and address book modules
    • Automatic creation of TARIC forms
  • Finance
    • Fee cards
    • Invoicing for legal entities
  • Service window
    • Customer care at the service window
    • Handing out packages
    • Printing documentation
  • Notification
    • Automatic text generation
    • Managing text generation
    • Intelligent assignment of answers to recipients and packages
  • Address book

Brief description of the company

eská pošta (Czech Post) is one of the largest employers in the Czech Republic. The NET Genium application is in operation at the Post Office of Exchange for Prague 120, located on Plzeňská street. This post office mainly handles packages sent to the Czech Republic from other countries.

Field of activity:
Postal services
Implemented solution:
Notification and customs declaration