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Customer Relationship Management

Online software for customer relationship management that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2009

  • All information central database about customers, suppliers, business partners, etc.
  • United working environment designated for communication between employers and customers
  • Important terms and working results planning and sharing
  • Quick and convenient searching
  • Repository of sources designated for identifying customers’ needs and strategic planning


Address book

  • Companies and contact persons address book
  • Connection with ARES database
  • Quick searching for addresses on mapy.cz and Google server
  • Call centrum – identifying incoming calls and searching callers


  • Quotes, orders, contracts or other types of document records
  • Sending documents quickly by e-mail


  • Planning tasks, meetings, conferences and training
  • Synchronization between calendar and Outlook
  • Records of e-mail and fax messages, phone calls
  • Monitoring activity and costs expended
  • Sending quick information about activities by e-mail


  • Sending and receiving e-mail messages


  • Planning marketing campaigns
  • Creating marketing lists
  • Quickly sending newsletters or mass e-mails
  • Monitoring costs and revenues for marketing campaigns