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Customs declaration

Communication with the customs administration in the area of import, export and transit declaration of goods, which is certified by the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

  • Central repository of all information about senders, recipients, shipments and documents
  • Uniform working environment for communication with the customs office
  • Quick and convenient information search
  • Ability to connect to your internal systems

Certificates issued during testing by the Customs Administration



  • ESD
  • Summary entry customs declaration
  • OPRI
  • Arrival notification
  • SD
  • Administrative document
  • CP (JSD)
  • Customs declaration (unified administrative document)
  • Addition of NCP
  • Supplementing the cargo customs declaration
  • Statistics of sending messages in CP


  • VCP
  • Export customs declaration
  • Change in depreciation
  • Investigation
  • EXSD
  • Export Administrative document
  • Termination of export
  • Termination of SO export
  • eCargo manifest
  • Output of goods
  • Statistics of sending messages in VCP


  • TCP
  • Transit customs declaration
  • Investigation
  • Unloading of goods
  • SD repair
  • Correction of Administrative document
  • Request for SD data
  • Request for Administrative Document data
  • Question about the existence of SD
  • Inquiry about the existence of the Administrative document
  • TCP message sending statistics