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Quality Management System

Online software for quality management that meets requirements of ISO 9001:2009

  • Management and quality audit of company processes
  • Problem solving, disagreements and their prevention
  • Management of documentation and operation of measuring devices


Documentation (DMS)

  • Management of controlled documentation
  • Document management throughout the entire life cycle
  • Approval of documents
  • Records of printed copies
  • Versions
  • Team work on documents
  • Document summary in tree structure

Audits (AD)

  • Internal and external audit administration through the whole lifecycle
  • Status update on audit and handling related findings
  • Audit statistics
  • Generating audit reports

Measuring devices (DC)

  • Records of measuring devices
  • Records of calibration, repairs and costs
  • Automatic notifications on times for calibration and inspections

Discrepancies (NC)

  • Records of discrepancies through the whole lifecycle
  • Managing products with discrepancies
  • Creating 3D and 8D reports
  • Building investigator team and support for team work
  • Registering and checking on corrective measures
  • Monitoring costs for discrepancies
  • Statistics on discrepancies

Process monitoring (KPI)

  • Key process monitoring
  • Extensive statistics on processes
  • Process planning and comparison with reality
  • Graphic presentation of plan fulfillment