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Ministerstvo vnitra ČR - KIVS

Vladimír Velas


“NET Genium helped us simplify our record-keeping system for services and create service bundles.”

Support to central purchasing services

Implementing NET Genium significantly simplified records of individual data lines in public administration. The application is accessible to all authorities with at least one service in it. This greatly simplified and increased transparency of communication between the various public administration authorities and the Ministry of the Interior.

Implemented functions and modules

  • Services
    • Lists of services
  • Catalogue sheets
    • Service configurator
    • Service parameter code books
    • Operator code books
  • Packages
    • Service bundles for tenders
    • Printouts of lists of services
    • Sets of contract templates
  • Options
    • Options for tendered packages
    • Requests for options
    • Approving options
  • RÚIAN (Register of Territorial Identification, Addresses and Real Estate)
    • RÚIAN database
    • Code book for service addresses entered
  • Statistics on services and users of services

Brief description of the company

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the functionality of the public administration communications infrastructure.

Field of activity:
Ministry of the Interior
Solution implemented:
Application for records of individual data lines in public administration