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Martin Charvát

Division Director

“The NET Genium application gives us a perfect overview of our branch locations around the country.”

Management of business, branch locations and warehouse

The NET Genium product made it easier and faster to handle he formalities involved in assigning medical aids to patients. The main benefit was in the full records, including the history of aids issued on vouchers from insurance companies.

Implemented functions and modules

  • CRM
  • Warehouse management
    • Receipt slips
    • Release slips
    • Transfer slips (in-house orders)
    • Invoices
    • Warehouse statistics
  • Finance
    • Invoices received
    • Invoices issued
    • Cash box
    • Financial statistics
    • Processing bank statements
  • Orders and projects
    • Records on orders for supply and sales
    • Monitoring under-deliveries
    • Processing individual projects
  • Service
    • Pre-filled information on the insured party and the medical aid
    • Preparing and sending the report for the insurance company
    • Calculating the price of replacement parts and repair work
  • Medical aids
    • Records on dispensing and circulation of medical aids
    • Preparing and keeping records on agreements with insured parties
    • History of repair work on the medical aid
    • Records of vouchers accepted from customers

Brief description of the company

MEYRA currently operates as a sales organization distributing standard-issue and custom-made wheelchairs and medical devices. The company’s primary goal is to help its customers overcome their limitations and disabilities. Employees understand the needs of people with physical disabilities and can offer advice and appropriate compensatory aids.

Field of activity:
Manufacture, sales and repair of medical aids