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Česká pošta - Contract generator

Contract generator

The GES application from NET Genium solves generation of contracts for Česká pošta on the basis of a predefined template. It greatly simplifies and speeds up the work of creating, filling in and saving model contracts, including annexes. Another advantage of the application is anonymization of the completion of contracts and the possibility of sending them to the register of contracts (EZOP). The content of the GES DB is backed up at work.

Implemented functions and modules

  • Generating forms and pages
  • Anonymization of contracts and annexes
  • Checking the completion of the required values
  • Possibility to transfer data from contracts to attachment parameters
  • Retrieval of information from the CRC, or according to the ID number from ARES
  • Possibility to send documents to EZOP
  • Security of the entire application

Brief description of the company

Česká pošta is one of the largest employers in the Czech Republic. The Contract Generator (GES) application is intended primarily for clerks and heads of Czech Post regions.

Field of activity:
Postal services
Solution implemented:
Contract Generator Application (GES)