Application for registration of checks and returns of cars

The introduction of NET Genium brought a clear system for entering and registering checks of vehicles at partners including returns of cars.

Implemented functions and modules

  • Dynamically fusible car inspection process according to the financing company
  • Car database
  • Client zone – reservation of the acceptance date, record of car return
  • Creating an inspection record
  • Access of Experts, Dealers, Administrators – insertion of an expert opinion, overview of completed car inspections, billing of completed car inspections.
  • Add an account, create and complete an acceptance, and take photos on a mobile device
  • Automatic sending of notification emails.
  • Communication with the financing company

Basic characteristics of the company

CAR-BACK, spol. s r.o. since 2004 focuses mainly on comprehensive services for leasing companies for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. It deals with inventory audits in various areas (e.g. control of pre-financed vehicles, stock inventories, company directory), checks of clients' creditworthiness, out-of-court order enforcement and provides for partners the valuation of vehicles, expert opinions and sale in a stone auction or internet auction.

Field of activity:
Professional services for leasing companies
Implemented solution:
Application for registration of inspections and returns of cars