We have been developing our own framework for Xtreme Rapid Development since 2002. This term refers to a complex methodology and tools designed for extremely fast development of web applications with an emphasis on low-code and no-code. This allows us to offer robust solutions in a relatively short time.

Our customers’ extraordinary loyalty speaks to the quality of our framework. Our development philosophy helps them better adapt to constant change and makes it easier to accelerate their development. We feel confident that our technology can compete with the best in the world today.

Framework description

NET Genium is a framework designed for Xtreme Rapid Development, focusing on web applications, which are based on three basic pillars: on the organization, visualization and sharing of data.


Organization means acquiring, modifying or deleting data, as well as searching, filtering, exporting or importing data, either online in a web browser or offline using a native application.


Visualization means displaying data in one of the most commonly used forms, i.e. in a spreadsheet, or in an Outlook calendar, in a map, in a gantt chart, in a multi-source calendar, or in a tree structure, and further means the aggregation and subsequent display of data in either a regular table, a PivotTable, or a chart.


Sharing means that users have access to all the information online. Each user works under their own user account, which defines their roles or permissions, and leaves a digital footprint, as any changes to the data they make are recorded in the history.

Processes, workflows and algorithms

Comfort in working with data is a standard of all web applications based on the NET Genium framework. But the most interesting thing for any application administrator is that they can easily implement specific processes, workflows or algorithms into their application that are unique to each end customer. The functionality of the three basic pillars is ensured completely automatically, so the application administrator can fully focus only on activities that provide added value to the entire application.

Customized information systems and functional prototypes

NET Genium is great for creating simple and complex customized information systems, or for preparing functional prototypes of applications that, in our experience, do not differ significantly from the final assignment. NET Genium creates robust web applications that are stable, secure and scalable. These applications can be run in the cloud or on private or office servers. They only require a web browser with javascript support to work.

Technical parameters of the framework

  • Web application written in C# on .NET
  • Database support for MS SQL Server or Firebird
  • Multi-user application with its own user authorization system independent of IIS or Active Directory
  • Integrated graphic design tool to help develop applications for users with admin authorization
  • Thorough support for most web browsers and responsive design
  • OWASP security compliance guaranteed by repeated independent penetration testing
  • Optimized performance for less powerful or office servers
  • Optimized performance for working with large quantities of data and full-text search in database records and file attachments
  • Supports In-Memory tables
  • Supports single sign-on in conjunction with Active Directory
  • Supports running multiple instances of an application with different IIS security settings
  • Supports running multiple clones of an application: operating, development or archive environments
  • Tools for new releases from development to operating or archive environments
  • Tools for transferring time-limited and consistent data to the archive environment
  • Tools for exports, imports or conversions of large quantities of data

Technical parameters for development using our framework

  • Building and interconnecting two basic building blocks for applications: editing forms and view pages
  • Library of control elements for smart tables, traditional calendars and multi-source planner calendars, timetables, Gantt charts, graphs, maps and tree structures
  • Supports multiple language versions
  • Graphic design tool for database queries
  • Graphic design tool for server-side scripting
  • Calling up the most frequently used functions for working with data from our library of functions
  • Calling up internal functions written in C#
  • Tools for running scripts from scheduled tasks
  • CodeMirror for writing in JavaScript
  • Supports printing to print templates in XLS, DOC, TXT or HTML
  • Automatic conversion of print reports to PDF
  • Data synchronization with Android or iOS devices
  • Symmetric data synchronization (multi-master) with any application built on the NET Genium platform
  • API for communication with any application built on the .NET platform