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Foreign language classes

Solutions for language schools and translation agencies from A to Z - applications and their payments, course completion, lesson plan, reports, lecturers' remuneration, translation management, customer and translator access

  • Sale of courses and exams through the E-shop
  • Records of applications for courses including payment information, monitoring of free course capacity
  • Management of public and company courses with all important parameters
  • Drawing up a lesson plan for the entire semester
  • Compiling learning objectives, generating report cards and evaluating students
  • Lecturers fill out timesheets, the application records sales and purchase rates

The following diagram shows the individual components of the entire solution. The application is designed in a modular way, so it is possible to choose only some modules and gradually expand the functions by adding additional modules, or create your own applications in the NET Genium framework environment.



  • Courses
  • Generation of timetables
  • Student attendance
  • Timesheets
  • Course objectives
  • Certificate
  • Substitute teaching


  • Contact information
  • Study history
  • Evaluation of tests
  • Overview of communication
  • Evaluation by the lecturer
  • Attendance records


  • Records of lecturers and their qualifications
  • Timesheets
  • Attendance
  • Test results
  • Study documents
  • Training
  • Borrowing a book
  • Salary subsystem
  • Information about individual lecturers


  • Incoming communications
  • Outgoing communication
  • Complete history of email communication

Access for HR

  • Bulk management of company courses
  • Review of company rates
  • Attendance statistics of company courses
  • Enrolling students in company courses
  • Generation of print reports
  • History of courses and students

Student Access

  • Course applications
  • Basic information about the courses
  • Overview of user account data
  • Report card
  • Budget account status
  • Attendance
  • File attachments to courses

Orders and translations

  • Corporate language courses
  • Translations
  • Interpretation


  • Issued invoices
  • Received invoices
  • Approval
  • Data communication
  • Bank
  • Cash register
  • Other receivables/liabilities
  • Financial statistics
  • Financial planning
  • PaymentService


  • Publishing all open courses
  • Registration for courses
  • Selection of courses in the e-shop
  • Payment transfer
  • Cash payment
  • Credit card payment