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Identity Management

Centralized management of identities in IT systems

  • Streamlining of some essential processes in the company
  • Management of access to information systems
  • User lifecycle management
  • Increased security


Identity management ensures that users have exactly the access they need for their work and no others.

It enables the right people to access the right resources, at the right time, for the right reasons and with full records. IT systems are typically heterogeneous and are accessible via an internal network. Management is performed by administrator intervention in IdM or automated processes.

Why deploy IdM?

Identity Management effectively manages and assigns permissions. People can therefore do what they have to do from the very beginning and do not wait for authorization to be assigned. Identity Management enables a central overview of granted authorizations, increases security and provides easily accessible audit evidence.

Main benefits

  • Automation, time saving
  • Uniformity of user rights and roles
  • Risk minimization
  • Fulfillment of legislative or normative requirements (Cybernetic Act, etc.)
  • Very fast auditability
  • Improving access and services
  • Significant cost reduction