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Jakub Oktávec

Jakub Oktávec

Client service director

”NET Genium has given us a clear, well-organized information system that can be quickly adjusted to suit our needs.”

Project management, reports, finance

Introducing the NET Genium product made it possible to manage all projects in one system. The application administers all information about projects, which means less time spent on administrative tasks and looking for materials.

Implemented functions and modules

  • CRM
  • Project management
  • Finance
    • Invoices received
    • Invoices issued
    • Cash box
    • Financial statistics
    • Processing bank statements
  • Orders and projects

Brief description of the company

OhDeer works in online design, communications campaigns and graphic design. In communications campaigns the company focuses on maximizing the measurable effects of advertising messages. In online design and marketing the company develops easy-to-use websites and SEO optimization for those websites.

Field of activity:
Marketing company