Karel Harazím


“For us, NET Genium means a high-quality ERP system with options for administrator modifications.”

CRM and Call centre

Introducing the NET Genium product helped expedite and streamline telephone orders from clients. The application can schedule calls for individual operators on shift using activities. It is connected directly to the telephone system, so at the beginning of each call the operator sees a display of all the information needed about the customer who is calling and the prices that apply for that customer. The operator also has the opportunity to create an order for the customer on the line immediately and send it straight to the warehouse. This streamlining means that customers’ orders are handled immediately and with great accuracy.

Implemented functions and modules

  • CRM
    • Commercial relations and contacts
    • Automatically assigning incoming emails to customers
    • Recording and scheduling phone calls to customers
    • Automatized address book imports
  • Call center
    • Receiving and searching for calls
    • Dialing calls
    • Identifying the caller
    • Creating activities
  • Warehouse management
    • Receipt slips
    • Release slips
    • Inventories
    • Warehouse statistics
    • Direct connection to e-shop
  • Financials
    • Invoices received
    • Invoices issued
    • Cash box
    • Financial statistics
    • Processing bank statements
  • Orders and projects

Basic characteristics of the company

Gastro21 imports and sells drinks, a selection of foods, and also makes its own products. It also specializes in assisting operators to discover mistakes in their shop locations and increasing their revenues, helping operators to greater prosperity in the long term.

Field of activity:
Producing and selling drinks