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Česká pošta - KAPLAN

Capacity planning for IT and projects

KAPLAN2 is a tool for the development department at Česká pošta in capacity planning for individual development teams, setting deadlines for delivering projects and monitoring capacity actually used. Requests or tasks can be scheduled and assigned to teams and individuals in the KAPLAN application. It also features a wide variety of statistics and overviews on ICT capacities, which are of great assistance in managing large departments.

Implemented functions and modules

  • Managing development requests
    • Logging requests and planning delivery dates
    • Statistics on requests from different perspectives (teams, scheduled tasks, types of requests)
    • Visual depiction of request statistics
  • Sources
    • Entering timesheets
    • Approving timesheets
    • Statistics on timesheets

Brief description of the company

Česká pošta is one of the largest employers in the Czech Republic. The ICT capacity management application (KAPLAN) is designed for the ICT department at Česká pošta, which handles the company’s internal ICT requests.

Field of activity:
Postal services
Solution implemented:
ICT capacity management (KAPLAN2)