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Dipl.-Ing. Georg Dlubal

Dipl.-Ing. Georg Dlubal

CEO and owner of Dlubal Software

“We have been using NET Genium since 2003, when it entered the market, and it began paying off immediately. Since that time it has continued developing into a truly advanced, comprehensive system. The working day of each one of our employees is securely and naturally tied to NET Genium and I can’t even imagine managing our internal processes without it.”

Main benefits

  • Consolidating information on the list of repairs and modifications by programmers into one application, the error log.
  • Recording versions of newly developed products
  • Integrating and streamlining all company data and communication in a single environment
  • Monitoring changes to individual programs and projects
  • User profiles, personalization, multilingual support
  • System can be modified and expanded at any time without requiring full system shutdown.
  • Electronic records for employee attendance, vacation requests
  • Electronic document management
  • Making information available through a web interface for external partners
  • Records of hardware and software
  • Managing projects and processes using a single communication interface
  • Data synchronization between branches in Germany and Prague

Brief description of the company

Since being established in 1987 in Harsewinkel, Germany, Dlubal Software has been involved in developing user-friendly and powerful programs for static and dynamic calculations, analyses and proposals for structures.

Nearly 200 employees in eight branches work on continuous development and optimization of the programs. Dlubal Software has more than 25,000 satisfied users around the world.

Field of activity:
Software development
Solution implemented:
Managing processes associated with software development and managing web presentations